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Water Quality Board Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Soren Simonsen | Jordan River Commission
This is an interesting question by Steve Earley. There is recreational use in the surplus canal by rowing crews, and it will in the future become a more substantial element of the Inland Port development, with envisioned trails and potential functions similar in many ways to the Jordan River Parkway.
Soren Simonsen | Jordan River Commission
Sure, we can table this.
Soren Simonsen | Jordan River Commission
We can take this up later after the presentation, but I would be interested in understanding how some of the intensive camping around the Jordan River among the unsheltered homeless community may be contributing to increased human impacts on TMDL. Anecdotally, I see a lot of evidence of human waste in the Jordan River and some tributaries due to homeless activity, but this also is temporary and moves around with some frequency, while overall the unsheltered population appears to be growing based on county and state data.
jeff studenka
Nice job Sandy, great presentation!
Soren Simonsen | Jordan River Commission
Thank you Sandy and Jodi for the information and let's continue the discussion about how to tackle some of these TMDL issues related to the unsheltered homeless population and camping around the Jordan River.
Sandy Wingert
Thank you everyone. Please reach out if you have any comments or concerns. My email is swinger@utah.gov.
Sandy Wingert
Brenda Johnson - DWQ
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